For those of you who have read this blog, you’re logging in to see that there are no blog posts here anymore. You’re probably wondering what happened? Well, I’m writing a quick blog post to explain that.

When I originally set up this blog and began writing out my life and my life’s experiences, I wasn’t yet ready to fully integrate them into who I was. I was okay sharing them with the world, just as long as there was a distance between them and who I really am. So I wrote what was mostly an anonymous blog to sort out some really heavy feelings I was going through. After all these months of processing and dealing with my experience, I can say that I now own them. So having two separate blogs to maintain all these things was beginning to seem a bit inconcruent. So instead of hiding my experiences, I’ve owned them and merged them into who I am. All the posts that were once housed here are now on my regular blog on I don’t feel the need for these to be Angel’s stories about a distant life anymore. These are now my stories and are a huge reason I am where I am at now. Please bookmark and follow my other blog as I won’t be posting on this one anymore. Thanks for being part of the journey that’s gotten me here.